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    L'aventurier du Gouin

    Réservoire Gouin / Haute-Mauricie

    Catering to all your vacation needs for over 23 years!

    L’Aventurier du Gouin serves its faithful clients since 1999. What makes the L’Aventurier du Gouin special is the quality of its facilities and the hospitality of its owners. In anticipations of the growing needs and expectations of vacationers, our attention is focused on customer service.. Totally isolated, the lodge and the cottages are located at the very heart of the Reservoir Gouin and are accessible only by boat or/ and plane. You will be delighted with the old-style appearance of these 4 stars log cottages as well as the quality of the food offered to the main lodge occupants. Furthermore, because our boats are recent and their 4 strokes motors are replaced frequently, you don’t have to be worried about the safety.

    At this step, L’Aventurier du Gouin lodge can be viewed as a new generation firm staffed by passionate and dynamic team that is alert to needs of its clients and constantly striving to perfect its service as well as the quality of its facilities.


    The Gouin Reservoir’s main characteristic is its imposing size: more than 275 km (170 mi) of waterways to explore! The white sand beaches are numerous and exciting for the whole family. This reservoir is the work of men who saw it as an incredible hydroelectric potential.

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